Customer Comments

Tom H – 1994 964 Tiptronic

The appearance and quality of the PCAR MOUNT are second to none. It’s fixed in just the right spot for easy use. The product finish is great and it blends in with the rest of the dash. Packaging of the unit is very professional. The Literature and instructions are spot on. I hate to read instructions but these along with pictures took all of the guess work out of the instillation. It was simple and quick. The only short bit of trouble was getting the stock socket head screw out of the dash as Porsche did put some thread locking compound on it. With the tools supplied and a little force, I was able to get that screw removed and used the longer one provided in the kit. The Clock removal tool was a big plus too as it made getting the Clock out quite easy. The best part is that this unit gets my various electronic devices out of my direct line of site in what is a short windshield. The position is just below the windshield and at a perfect location for those quick glances while still being able to keep an eye on the road.
It’s a great product and a must for anyone who has a 911!

Ed H – 1995 993

I must say, this is a well thought out product, and it simply works by doing what he says it does, and by being well made-no shortcuts in machining, support items provided or in the finish quality. The minute you open the box, you’ll see it has all you need, and it’s all well-packaged.

It comes with the “universal ball mount” so all you need is a unit with the female receiver, or some kind of bracket that does. I bought a universal mount on Amazon for $20 or 25-it looks like it would hold most phones vertically or horizontally

It even comes with a double-ended pry bar for clock removal. That was the hardest part-it simply took about 5 or 10 minutes of patience to unlock it’s 20 year seal. There’s some gummy substance on the exterior of the clock, when you remove-my guess is it is some kind of lube Porsche uses to install and gums up over time. Once you break it loose, it walks out pretty easily. Total install is

Removal of the two cables is easy, and then a few minutes to clean the goop off, and you’re installing. I used the bracket and a square to make sure my clock was vertical.

There’s a support arm that bolts to the main bracket that pics up a hidden fastener under the top lip of the dash pad. The angle and shape was perfect-it tucks up along the dash pad like it was factory.

If you have to see your radio screen constantly for some reason, I suppose this could impair you a bit. If you need to see your defrost knob, same thing-but nothing is covered nor are you unable to access anything.

I don’t always listen to music or radio-if I do, it’s typically Sirius on my phone or my Ipod. I used to lay them on the console under the parking brake-not the safest place, or easiest to see. But, I do use my phone GPS fairly regularly, so having it right there is nice! My .02…..if you’re looking for something like this, I think it works very well, and is 100% reversible if you need to. Two thumbs up!

Michael H – 1983 911 Cabriolet

Installation took a little less than 15 minutes start to finish – and that included the time it took to go fetch a small wrench from my garage. To say the installation is easy is an understatement. You’ve designed a superb (strong and attractive) mount for my PCar! Installation has also encouraged me to fix the pesky clock – it runs when the car is on and then stops shortly after I turn it off. Reading the forums, it seems that one of the two 100µF capacitors is bad, an easy fix and will be easier now that I know how to take the clock out of the dash! I’m very pleased with the Universal Magnetic Mount too. I plan to upgrade my iPhone later this year and didn’t want to invest in an expensive mount. But frankly, the magnet mount is rock solid so I may not purchase a dedicated mount when I upgrade! Very well done on the design. I used the Velcro on my 83 and it is solid as a rock.

My feedback is that the PCAR Mount is the perfect solution for these early Porsches! The device placement is perfect and the mount is solid. My only suggestion would be to offer silver (unpainted) metal plates. My iPhone is aluminum/white and the black plate attached to the back sticks out!

Patrick G – 1987 911

We had a beautiful sunny day today, perfect for installing the mount …. all was great, nice and easy install, great instructions! I’m totally pleased with the placement. it’s a perfect view angle, totally hands on in the cockpit! I can’t wait to drive the car at full tilt and have the Garmin on its speedo screen! Looking forward to that in April I hope

Carl F – 1991 964

I installed and love it!!  — Perfect position. I’m showing it to all my friends. People will see at the next track event. Thanks again! ….. Great product.

Bob M – 1987 911

The device is great — perfect location for viewing and access. It does block the view of the volume knob on the radio, but, I don’t look for it I know where it is.

You did do an excellent job with the packaging and brochure. You get FIVE STARS!!!

Herman J – 1987 911

My 1987 911 Carrera is my daily driver.  I have a BlueAnt ST3 hands free Bluetooth enabled speaker mounted on the sun visor so that I can talk on my iPhone while driving.  I was using a cradle mounted on the windshield to hold the iPhone but was not happy with the obstruction on the windshield.  When I saw your ad for the PCAR Mount, I knew it would be a lot better than the cradle on the windshield.  I watched the video and read the instructions that came with the kit and I believe it took all of 15 minutes to install it.  It was very easy to install and I like the look and convenience that it affords.  I usually have the iPhone in the portrait orientation.  However, I have an app on my iPhone (HorizSpeed) with a digital read-out of my speed, and I can rotate the iPhone to a landscape orientation for easy reading.
Everything needed to complete the installation is in the kit which is professionally assembled and very well packaged.  You have a great product here.

Alex N – 1995 993

First of all thank you for the beautiful product, it was a breeze to install and really appreciate your personal letter.

I have tried using RAM, etc., but I have settled on the magnet application you have provided. I am currently using GPS app in my iphone5.I may change attachments when I switch to iphone6!

Alan D – 1997 993 Carrera 4S (RHD)

I managed to install the kit a few weeks ago.  Very easy install and looks great.  I ordered a second fitting kit for my TomTom GPS which has just arrived but unfortunately the car has been back to the garage so I do not have access to it.
The magnetic mount looks a brilliant solution for quick and simple attaching of a phone.

NOTE: This is where we learned that for some crazy reason, certain TomTom portable GPS units use a nominal 16mm swivel ball for mounting instead of the de-facto standard 17mm ball that everyone else uses and may require a different ball plate or adapter for use with the PCAR MOUNT

Adam J – 1977 911 Track Car

The mount was just what I was looking for…. Headed to the track this weekend, so we will see how it does.

Brian F – 1996 993

The PCAR MOUNT for my Garmin is installed and hard wired in my 993. I also hard wired my radar detector and replaced my stereo head unit. I now have Bluetooth for hands free phone and wireless Pandora and iPod. The whole set up looks OEM and works great!

Jackson S – 1991 964

I now have my whole system complete and think it’s really slick and thought I’d share it with you. I put a lot of thought and planning into this system and I absolutely love it! It’s the coolest thing and your PCAR MOUNT is the pivotal piece of equipment.

I chose a ProClip phone dock (iPhone 5-with-case) and hard wired it into the car’s fuse panel so no external (cig. lighter) phone charger cables. I used a simple piggy back connector, available at any auto parts store, to connect to a 15 amp fuse that’s always hot. I had to take the dash off and run the power wire on the right side through to the front compartment.

I have a Blaupunkt 420 BT head unit. It’s Bluetooth equipped so I can wirelessly stream music from the phone as well as make phone calls through it. There are no cables in the cabin anywhere. The Blaupunkt comes with a mic for the phone function that plugs into the back of the unit. I ran the wire down from the back of the head unit, under the dash over to the driver-side door jam, tucked it behind the rubber seal up to the A pillar, then tucked it into the recess between the headliner and the windshield gasket. There’s a nice little groove there. I can talk on the phone with my sunroof open, the windows down while on the highway and the sound quality on the other end is good.

I downloaded an app called iCar Connect that makes it easy to drive and use specific functions via one touch. You can even customize the screen background! It ties in with a music app making it easy to find the music I want. It provides three presets for phone numbers but I don’t use them to call with since I voice dial. When I make a phone call, I merely push the green phone button and speak the person’s name and the iPhone retrieves the number from my contacts and dials it …. all wirelessly via Bluetooth.
Thanks again for everything

Charlie H – 1980 911

Bill, I wanted to drop you a note on your product – it is fantastic! I received the package today and installed it without any problems. The dual lock tape strips worked great and the magnetic mount is awesome! The quality, fit and finish is worthy of a Porsche and your packaging and the extra screws, etc. is top notch. I have attached a couple of photos.
I also reviewed your new video and it is excellent (as is your daily driver with over 200k miles)!
What a great solution for those of us who enjoy driving air cooled Porsches but need to use our smartphones hands free.