The purpose of the Accessory Bulletin is to assist you in finding, selecting, and procuring device-specific components to retrofit your classic Porsche® 911 with modern communications management capabilities via the (1) mounting and (2) electronic integration of your smartphone or other mobile electronic device (MED).

The PCAR MOUNTS® bracket and support arm brace assembly addresses the most critical step in your 911 infotainment modernization project. It creates a sturdy platform for mounting and positioning a touchscreen device in the classic Porsche 911. The small cabin and near absence of useable flat surfaces and workable attachment points made this a major challenge. However, the factory-look PCM-1000 series bracket design solves the problem and places the mobile electronic device (MED) in a perfect.

Universal Magnetic Pad/Plate Adapter System

If you’re looking to mount a smartphone, the PCAR MOUNT comes with a Universal Magnetic Pad/Plate system for mounting any smartphone …. without the need for a phone docking cradle. The system includes (1) a magnetic connector with locking nut that attaches to the 17 mm ball adapter in the PCAR MOUNT kit and (2) a thin metal plate with 3M adhesive that attaches to your smartphone or smartphone case. Driver-line-of-sight position for safe, responsible, convenient interaction without obscuring windshield vision, interfering with vehicle switch controls, or compromising cabin ventilation.

Mechanical Device Holders and Docking Cradles

If you prefer “mechanical” docking for your smartphone, we’ve tried to provides some guidance on these phone mounting options. There are general purpose, mechanical holders and cradles …. and phone-specific docks with integrated connections for powering the device.

Adapters and Cables

Components to complete the communications management retrofit transformation of your classic 911 include: cables to power the MED and integrate its audio capabilities with your specific stereo head unit.